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Single Origin, Africa
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Rwanda might be small but the coffee that comes from here is absolutely divine. As Rwanda has no coastline it can be expensive to export the coffee. There are some 400,000 small-scale growers and all coffee is Arabica.


The coffee, which is grown at 1,400 - 1,900 meters, is from the varieties Bourbon and Typica. Coffee beans are roasted to a light to medium level.


This is a fruity and well balanced sweet coffee with beautiful hints of cranberries.


Body                        3 / 5

Sweetness                4 / 5

Acidity                      3 / 5

Overall Strength        3 / 5

The African coffee region encompasses a handful of countires, namely Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania but also includes Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda. Coffee from the great continent produces a unique and complex taste with a sweet, fruity, and delicate floral aroma.

"Legend has it that coffee berries were first discovered in Ethiopia by a shepherd that stopped to examine a coffee bush atfer noticing his livestock was overly animated."